Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Stop and Shop, tear down this wall!

Every one of these automated checkout machines should be torn down. With great fanfare. Have a parade. Throw out sweets to the youngsters. Let the adults beat them with their shoes. Just like the toppled statue of Saddam.

Or, you could just make them work.

Not sort of. Not mostly. All the time. I have never seen such a poorly implemented technology. It would be as if the people responsible for helping me with my transaction didn't speak English half the time. Oh wait, that happens too.

Easily half the time I use these machines there is some glitch. The damn thing tells me to take items off the scale when there aren't any there. Or the buttons don't work. Or it gives me some weird error message thereby necessitating a visit from their roving expert.

I can't tell you how it makes my blood boil to go to the automated checkout lane that is supposed to make the process more efficient and convenient, only to be thwarted by the very solution that has been designed for my benefit.

Why hold out the promise of convenience and fail to deliver?

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m said...

So - typically am only a blog lurker, but had to comment since I learned today we share some favorite sites and passion for digital innovation.
YES.....those machines are VERY annoying - and once you're half way committed to the process it's too painful to walk away; tote your items to a regular checkout lane and assess how to cancel out. I think they missed the key user-experience tetsing feedback. : )