Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Outlook: A serial killer of time

Outlook is a mass murderer. It kills people in increments of anywhere from 1 to 29 minutes.

When you click on the Outlook calendar to setup an appointment or meeting, the default is a 30 minute meeting. And the calendar is setup in half hour increments. So what do people do? They create meetings that start on the hour or half hour and that are some multiple of 30 minutes in duration.


Isn't it possible that something will take 5 minutes to discuss? Or 27? And why must everything start on the hour or half hour? That's just weird! It kills time and it makes it harder for people to think about the value of their time or the time they are asking for from others.

What if you had to type in the minutes? Maybe you'd stop and think about how much time you really need. Maybe 13 minutes will do.

So I propose we all start setting up meetings that start at strange times. Like 11:47 (which I think all can agree is objectively weird). Or 1:23. And make them as long as you think you need.

It's your time. Use it wisely.

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Jer979 said...

i like to start meetings at unusual times. I read once that, if you do, you increase the likelihood that people will show up on time...which is a sign of respect anyway