Monday, July 14, 2008

Don't start out on the wrong foot

I work for a very large company. Many agencies and consultancies want to work with us. I met a consultant at a conference some weeks ago and we talked for a few minutes. He then reached out to me via email to ask if we could meet. I said yes and we arranged an appt. All good so far.

This morning he sent an email confirming the meeting (still good) and asking for directions to our office.

Now we hit the problem. He didn't tell me where he's coming from. So I have to send him an email asking where he's coming from. He responds, but doesn't give me specific enough information to suggest proper directions. So I have to send another email.

Not good. I'll be meeting this guy tomorrow and already I'm annoyed. He could have demonstrated how together he is and how unbelievably helpful he can be to me by telling me he is coming from Manhattan and will take the George Washington Bridge and needs directions from there. Or, better yet, he could have just asked for our address and used Mapquest, Google Maps...

These little things contribute to the impressions people have of you. They are part of your brand. And this fellow is coming to see me tomorrow to talk about his branding firm!

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