Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Maybe I didn't ask the question well

I had a great day with my kids. We went to the Liberty Science Center which is a really nice museum in Jersey City. I get in for free and get free IMAX movies - a very nice corporate benefit.

We then went out for dinner. During dinner, I asked the kids what their objective in life is. OK, it's a tough question. But I wanted to see what they would say. And all of them basically said they wanted to be rich.

The psychologist part of me knows very well that the first person who answered the question biased the others. And that a vaguely worded question like that is tough to answer and the wording of it may have primed professional and financial answers because that's typically what people mean when they ask others what they want to be when they grow up... (Wow, that was a sick run-on sentence! Sorry.)

Still, I'm disappointed. This isn't what I was hoping to hear. Sure, I hope they all turn out to be billionaires. I may live a long time and Depends ain't cheap. But I hope that isn't their mission. I hope they have a more noble purpose ahead of them. Spreading happiness, wisdom, beauty... Ennobling their own souls and the souls of all they touch. Bringing peace to some corner of the world...

Well, looks like I have some educating to do.

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