Friday, July 11, 2008

eBags, I love you but you're actin' weird

I have posted several times now about eBags. I like them. I like the site. I love the products. But I've had a couple of relationship glitches with them that I truly hope they fix. (* eBags: If you're reading this, see my note to you below. If you're not reading this then stop reading this.)

Well I just placed another order with them. I had a promotional code which I entered at the end. After doing so, I got a page that offered me two discount options: One was the 20% based on the code I had entered. And another was a free shipping option. For both options, they transparently showed me what my total cost would be. And, as it happened, one was more expensive than the other.

Huh?! Why not just ask: "Adam: Are you an idiot?"

I understand offering customers different discounts. Some might benefit over the long run from a 20% discount more than a free shipping discount. And choice is good. But once I have placed an order and the choice results in a transparent difference in cost, why would anyone pick the more expensive "discount" offer?

Am I missing something folks? Is this any different than going to a bricks and mortar store, bringing your items to the counter, having them ring you up and then offer you an option of getting nothing else extra but paying a few more dollars?

Here is the text from the page they showed me (italics added):

The coupon code you just entered can not be combined with your current discount.
Please choose which discount you would prefer. See all discount details below.
Option A - The coupon code you used (CC203NYJ06) offers the following:

"20% off your purchase."

Your order total with this offer would be:

($43.97 + $6.95 shipping + $0.00 tax)

Continue with this coupon

Option B - Your current discount offers the following:

"Summer Sale: Free Shipping on Orders $50 and Over"

Your order total with this offer would be:

($54.97 + $0.00 shipping + $0.00 tax)

Continue with my current discount

(*eBags: You screwed up my last two orders by leaving out an item despite showing it as having been delivered. Your customer rep provided a vague assurance that this would not happen again. If it happens with the order I just placed, you will be placed on the banned list until you earn my love again.)

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