Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Don't ignore your urges

I'm in Amsterdam now with my brother. We were walking around town enjoying ourselves and my brother started feeling like he might want to avail himself of a WC. Since we were only a few blocks away from the hotel, he asked me if I would mind heading in that direction. Of course I never want to stand between a guy and a clean bathroom, so I agreed.

On our way to the hotel, we passed a store with a nice looking beer selection in the window. I walked in and found myself staring at a wall of branded beer glasses. I collect these glasses so I was in seventh heaven. The store was full of Belgian and Dutch specialty beers. Including a Belgian Trappist that is notoriously hard to get - even in Europe.

Naturally, I proposed to the woman who owns the store. She graciously turned me down. That hurt. But she helped me pick out a handful of fantastic beers. Some I will consume here. Some will follow me home to the U.S. and join my growing collection.

So what have I learned:
1) Carry flowers with you when in Amsterdam. My proposal lacked something. If I had offered flowers I think I could now be married to the woman who knows more about beer than anyone else.
2) Don't ignore your urges. If my brother and I had pressed on with our touring rather than indulging his early warning of a need to use the restroom, I would never have passed this fantastic beer store.

BTW, if you love beer and you plan to go to Amsterdam, make sure to head to De Bierkoning on Paleisstraat 125 behind the Royal Palace in Dam Square.

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