Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The best family

I was just in Israel for my cousin's wedding. I have seen these cousins only a few times in my life. But we really clicked. They were so welcoming to me and my brother and it felt like we had been friends for a long time. Same with my cousin's new wife. We had never met before and we all just got along.

Family is an accident of birth. Other than a spouse or adopted child, you don't really get much say about who makes it in the club. And for that reason and others, I don't attach a lot of importance to family per se. I don't believe people are valuable simply because an accident of birth and a culturally dependent kinship system decided that you and some other person are related.

But friendship to me is very important. This is something you choose. It reflects your values and interests.

I was grateful that my Israeli family - both those I have been related to for some time and my new cousin X - immediately felt like friends.

To me, that is the best family.

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Jer979 said...

Love your perspective on this one. Forwarding to my own family.