Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Why buy the cow...

Here's a comment on one of my recent posts submitted by a reader to me via email as he was unable to do so via Blogger. [See my original post here.]

"Look, New Jersey sucks, by and large. About the only good thing that came from New Jersey is my wife. And she doesn't smell like the rest of New Jersey. (And her father was born in NYC, so she's half New Yorker).

New Jersey smells like what would happen if you took Brooklyn and Queens and fermented them in the hot sun for a few days. I largely blame New Jerseyans.

My most fervent prayer, when we were living in NJ and expecting our first child, was that my wife would not be early, so that my child would not be born in NJ. Thank God, my prayers were answered."

Now I'm not about to engage in debate with this capitol fellow. NJ doesn't pay me to do marketing or PR for them. And frankly, there are too many people around with just the New Jerseyans. I'm not looking for more people to come and create more traffic.

But I do have one question regarding the above comment: If you had reservations about NJ, don't you think you should have started by dipping your toe in first? Say, buying a pint of blueberries (they are really good here). How did you get from "I hate NJ" directly to "Let me git hitched with one of their big haired women"? (That's a comment on the general appearance of NJ women, not your wife.)

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