Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Who's right: me or iTunes?

I bought the soundtrack from the movie La Vie en Rose on iTunes last summer. Now iTunes in its "Just For You" section is recommending the Brokeback Mountain soundtrack for me.

I'm wondering what about me enjoying the beautiful voice of a Frenchwoman makes Apple think I will enjoy the soundtrack from a movie about gay cowboys?

I see three options:
1) They are concluding from a very superficial analysis that I simply like soundtracks.
2) They can tell that my appreciation for Edith Piaf means I'm secretly gay.
3) They can tell that my appreciation for Edith Piaf means I'm an aficionado of the wild west.

Well I don't have any special "thing" for soundtracks. I do like Clint Eastwood westerns but I don't believe Clint was in Brokeback Mountain.


You know, if I'm gay I really wish Apple would have told me a long time ago. I could have saved myself a lot of trouble. Not to mention the alimony.

Anyway, I'm hoping that tomorrow iTunes recommends the soundtrack to "How to spend the billion dollars you have stashed away in a Swiss bank account you never knew you had."


IndianThenNowForever said...

Why would iTunes recommending the soundtrack to BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN imply that you're gay?!?! The people who made the film weren't gay; the composer who wrote the music wasn't gay; more than half the total audience throughout the world who SAW the film wasn't gay. Because you might be recommended the soundtrack to, say, GOODFELLAS, wouldn't mean you're a coke-snorting, murdering Mafia guy, would it? Are you a little "threatened" by the association? Your response to the iTunes recommendation is very, very odd.

Jer979 said...

Agree w/the other commenter. Your analysis is way off. LIke Amazon recommends, they are making suggestions based on past purchase history. That's what you want!! Have you heard the soundtrack? Maybe you'll like it.

Dude-you know I love you, but this one was lame.

Adam said...

What happened to your sense of humor people?

My posting was so silly on its face that I'm shocked you folks took it literally. Did you also think Swift's A Modest Proposal advocated mass murder?

Jer: This wasn't an analysis. It was a joke. I found it odd and humorous that iTunes took me from La Vie en Rose to Brokeback Mountain. I further find the developing ability of these companies to know us better than we know ourselves to be worthy of satire.

In this case, I still wonder if this prognostication ability needs more work. I could understand Apple taking me from La Vie to other famous French music like Yves Montand or Serge Gainsbourg. I could also understand if they took me to soundtracks from movies about singers like Ray or Walk the Line.

But I don't get the La Vie and Brokeback connection.

Amazon does not seem to connect them.

Anyway, lighten up people.

And Jer, I love you too. At least that's what Apple told me!