Friday, July 17, 2009

Trick yourself into being nice

Have you ever had an experience where you behaved in a not very nice manner towards someone, only to find out later that they just lost a parent, found out they had cancer, got laid off...?

Feels pretty bad doesn't it?

To flip it, don't you feel an extra motivation to treat people well when you know they are suffering or experiencing some extraordinary difficulty?

What if you knew that everyone was suffering in some way? Wouldn't you want to be nicer?

Well I think we should always just assume that everyone around us is in some sort of pain. Or is just having a really bad day. It's probably true. We all have troubles and challenges in our life. Some people bear them well and others not so well. But most people are carrying some sort of burden and could use a little help.

I'm going to try this approach. I hope it will make me more patient and kind.


Tom McMillian said...

Adam, I wholeheartedly endorse this idea of being nice. I've been amazed at how well niceness works.

When being mean or nasty, this has given me a moment of pleasure but it did not help the situation and I sometimes carry the nastiness with me.

While being nice, if it does not help the situation, certainly puts me in a better frame of mind and a positive state-of-being. This I like!

Have you ever seen the old movie Harvey?

Adam said...

Tom: Thanks so much for your comment. I totally agree. I have not seen this movie but will look into it.