Monday, July 27, 2009

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My 10 year old son recently moved into his own room. He had been sharing a room with his sister pretty much his entire life. And he was a bit sad about changing that arrangement. He and his sister are very close. She - at 12 years old - was quite happy to have her privacy. But he had mixed feelings.

So his mom and I thought it would be nice for him to get some decorations that reflected his unique personality. To help him make the room his own. Well they decided he would get a sign. First they thought a stop sign. So I searched on Google and found Build A Sign has all the standard street signs and lots beyond. Very customizable. Good online tool for customizing signs. But apart from the fact that the product seemed good and the tools were useful, they didn't seem remarkable to me. I had the feeling that there were many similar sites and that this was just the one I happened to click on.

I worked with my son and he decided to get a sign that warned people not to enter his room (his "realm" as he calls it) without Chinese food. Why? Because he said so that's why. He likes Chinese food. And he thought it would be funny. I agree.

He also really likes monkeys. And he and I designed a sign that looks like a typical crossing sign but says "Monkey Crossing."

Well finally the signs arrive. Two days before they said they would. OK, that's nice. Not a huge surprise for me because I know that many companies pad these dates to be safe. But my son was pleased.

One of the signs was perfect. But the other was bent. So I sent them an email. They responded quickly and and expressed an apology. They also asked if I could send them a few photos of the damaged sign and that they would be happy to send a replacement.

It took me a few days to get around to it. I finally sent them the photos this morning and within a few hours they had shipped my replacement sign.

These guys are great! Very courteous customer service. Very nice and pleasant. I feel like they are real people trying to make their customers happy rather than just following a customer service script.

I highly recommend Build A Sign! I have had few experiences with a company that were this positive.

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