Monday, November 24, 2008

Rite Aid makes the lifetime boycott list!

About a month ago I went to Rite Aid to buy some Pepto. I happened to walk by the shelf with deodorant and saw that the product I use had a $5 rebate. (There was a sign on the shelf.)

So I picked up the deodorant. I asked the clerk how to redeem the rebate and she gave me instructions. I had to go onto a website, create an account and input the information from the receipt. Reasonably convenient, nice experience.

But then I get an email telling me I didn't qualify for the rebate because I didn't meet the terms. What terms? Well it turn out I didn't buy the product during the proper rebate time period.

Huh? There was a sign on the shelf. That they put there.

I wrote back and they stuck by their guns. Are you frickin' kidding me?

I'm not angry that they screwed up. It seems they put their sign up too early. Mistakes happen. But I bought the deodorant. They made their money. They were offering a rebate anyway. But due to an error, the purchase happened a few days outside of the window. All they had to do was apologize for the error and the inconvenience and send me the rebate.

But they couldn't work that out. So now for $5 they have lost me forever as a customer.

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