Sunday, November 2, 2008

The consequences of over-regulation

We live in an over-regulated society. The government tells us what kind of toilets we can use, how our homes must be built... It's crazy!

Well apparently, all of the regulations that could possibly have been created by our way too intrusive state, have already been created. So now all that is left is for our government to create regulations that contradict other regulations.

Next, there will be new regulations specifying when to follow the original regulation and when to follow the newer one that contradicts the first.

This is what happens when government is run by lawyers. I think we need to try something else. Maybe we should have government run by chefs, or clowns (the literal kind, we already have the metaphorical variety). Or maybe even monkeys. You know that old saying that if you sat a monkey in front of a typewriter and gave him a few hundred years he would eventually produce a Shakespearean play? Well let's give it a whirl. But in order to speed things up, let's just get a few thousand monkeys and see if they can do better.

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