Sunday, February 3, 2008

The George Washington Bridge at night

Here are some pics I just took. It was pretty freaky walking along the path in the dark with nobody around. Anyway, most of my pictures didn't come out well. I definitely need a proper tripod for the camera I have. And some talent wouldn't hurt either.


Cecile said...

Nice job, I like these pictures. But you're right, a tripod would have helped increase your non-blurry pictures success rate! You should try the Brooklyn Bridge at night also. It's definitely nicer than the GW bridge (I am not biased at all!). [Hopefully my comments will be approved. ;) It's my first time blogging, so I don't know anything about blog etiquette!]

Dave said...

I agree. You need a tripod. I would also lower the shutter speed to add much needed light and use the timer function to snap the shot so as not to add any additional movement/shake.
Great shot composition!!