Monday, May 12, 2008

Boycott Movies!

Movies have just gotten too damn expensive. I'm really tired of paying so much to finance the ridiculously lavish lifestyles of the Hollwood elite. Enough is enough. Let's all stop going to the movies for one month.

UPDATE: OK, a friend pointed out that maybe the post above is too terse. [Thanks for the feedback.] So let me elaborate.

The movie industry needs us viewers to go to the theaters, buy DVDs, watch their offerings on cable, etc. in order to make money. Going out to the movies should be the great equalizer in America. Let's face it, not everyone can afford to go to the opera or a Broadway show. And not everyone wants to. But we should all be able to enjoy at least lowbrow movies without feeling it financially. I'm tired of ticket prices going up and up. Especially when the quality of my experience has not increased.

And to top it off, the studios are paying many millions to stars who really don't need all that money.

So, I propose that we remind the movie industry that at some point, prices are too high and demand falls. I suspect a one month boycott of movie theaters would be a good kick in the pants.

Now who's with me? (I feel like John Belushi now...)

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dreamersheart said...

Man, I'm so with you there. Especially with the news article I just read about actors fighting for high paychecks and not settling because the current offer only increases pay for minimally paid actors and not the higher paid ones. As if they don't make enough already. I googled "movie boycott" to see if anyone was trying to start one up, to maybe give Hollywood a wake-up call that without viewers, they'd have nothing. Ticket prices really need to come down, it's ridiculous to pay $20 to have a movie date. Alas, no one else commented on your board here. Maybe the possibility of a strike will stir up enough resentment that others like me will start googling for "movie boycott" and will find your post here. I'd have no problem boycotting films for as long as it took, even though I'm a big film buff.